Why I want an unpopular blog.

12 Comments 20 September 2010

Why I want an unpopular blog.

Oh sure I’ve dreamed of big name sponsors and zillions of comments like Mama Kat or The Pioneer Woman. But on the other hand I would either have to tone down my opinions or risk alienating a fair segment of the population if that many people actually knew about me.

In case you haven’t already noticed. Or in case you’ve never read my blog before. I can be very opinionated. I think I was born this way. And I’m quite sure I have passed at least a little bit of the gene on to all of my children.

However, being that they are only two and four years old they don’t pay much attention to my opinions. Let alone understand what I’m speaking of when I get in a tizzy about such things as parenting advice, breastfeeding , just plain old stupidity. Yes those are all links to examples of which I speak. Because it would take far too long to explain all of my opinions on those things.

Still, I have to tell someone! And I’m far better at writing about these things than explaining them to another mom at the park while trying to keep all three children within eyeball contact. I can barely finish a sentence under those conditions let alone make a point.

Besides it is my blog and I’ll say what I like, or don’t like as the case may be. But at the same time, I truly do not want to offend anyone. Like people who think active feisty kids just need more structure and discipline, and they’ll fall into line with the rest of the herd. Or people who think breastfeeding is yucky or too much work. Oh and don’t forget people who think having twins is the same as having two singletons (pregnancy included). These people have nothing in common with me. I’m likely to offend them all. And they should just find an escape route or other appropriate emergency exit, and fast.

I really do write the majority of my blog like no one is reading. That is the only way I know how to write. So I apologize in advance if I say the wrong thing, touch a nerve, or upset you in some way. And you didn’t get out before I pissed you off.

But then again there is always the comment box… Go ahead, disagree with me. Point out the errors in my ways. I welcome a little healthy debate.

But beware my Dad reads my blog too and he’ll shoot you down in you don’t have your facts straight. So please be sure you got my point before you trash me.


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  1. I love your blog :o)

    Big or not, I’d read it.

    And often share many of your view points!

  2. Jackie says:

    I read your blog! And they’re your opinions and I respect that! I can agree or not agree… say something or not!
    I haven’t found anyone yet who has completely offended me!

  3. Serene says:

    I definitely think it’s NOT necessary to tone yourself down in order to be popular. Look at Lady Gaga, for heaven’s sake. I just think that it’s important to be authentic and to do what you do as well as you possibly can.

  4. I *have* to read your blog. It’s the only way we can have a conversation these days. Blog to blog. Otherwise it’s in 2-second snipettes, with 7 preschoolers betweeen the 2 of us, running amuck. And with me trying to keep you from getting into a brawl with another mom who dare use the same playground we’re on.

  5. Jessica says:

    I can totally relate to this post! I often worry that some of my posts are offensive to someone out there, but at the end of the day, I have to remind myself that it is my blog, a blog that I created to air my opinions. I enjoy your blog and I think many others do too! Don’t worry about others!

  6. your blog is fantastic. nice layout, i’ve enjoyed reading it.

    i know what you mean about trying to have a conversation while watching your kids on the playground. impossible. i’d like someone to record my effort in trying…it would likely sound as if i was on crack.

    on a side note…where did you find that cool social media share bar at the end of your posts?


  7. Crystal says:

    I’m a reader! And stay true to yourself! It’s a lot more fun than wondering who’s reading and who’s watching. Speak your mind freely, for you are mama, you are foxy, and you roar.

  8. Hey girl! Love this post. I’ve really been hashing out this theme in my heart lately too. I think a lot of us blogger-mamas have been… I love who you are on here. I know it’s probably odd to re-nominate… but well, you ARE one of my top ten. So you’re in my post this week :).

    Thanks again for nominating me last week!

  9. Andrea says:

    I look forward to reading your blogs. Although,I may not comment often as I am a newer,less experienced mom. It’s part of my “me” time during the day. Miss you! I hope you and your family are all doing well.

  10. Gayle says:

    well I am a fan.
    I do enjoy your point of view
    so happy that you will not change it for anyone.

  11. L. Eleana says:

    If you try to change, I will hunt you down and pull out a copy of this post to remind you of the Mama I used to know. Thank you for speaking your mind even when it’s not popular. And for those who think breastfeeding is yucky, I have only one word– “similac.”

  12. Morgan B. says:

    And that is exactly why I read your blog every day. xo

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