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2 Comments 29 June 2010

With laundry, cooking, diapers, dishes, driving, and refereeing on my list of things to do everyday. It’s not long before I need a break. And for me right now one of the major ways I find time to take a “break” is running.

Now, I do have to be flexible with this. Because my circumstances do not allow me to just take off when ever I want, and run solo.

Take Monday night for example. The big guy wants to go hit some golf balls with dad. And there is a three mile loop around the course. So, I call Dad and tell him he’s in charge of bringing home a fast dinner (ie junk food that we have no business eating). But, it is for a good cause so I’m hoping I don’t lose too many mother of the year points on this one.

And after everyone has scarfed down acceptable amounts of their food, we load them all up and head off for the golf course.

I buckle up the little guys in the double jogger, while Dad and the big guy head for the driving range.

Before we begin our adventure I hand out some none too healthy snacks to keep the little critters happy, and we’re off.

Yes, I know you’re thinking how is pushing 35 lbs. of stroller, 50+ lbs. of toddlers, and a stuffed diaper bag a break?

That is because I failed, until this point, to mention the headphones.

No, I can’t tune it all out. Especially since only one of the ear pieces works. But, I do get to listen to MY music for forty minutes. And when the few techno songs that I do like start I even get a mile or two of running in.

Yes, I do get some looks from amused and or frightened onlookers. But, with close to 100 lbs of rig in front of me, I manage to command the right of way a good part of the time!

And, I’ll even admit I do have to stop and pick up the occasional sippy cup after it has taken a solo flight out the side of the stroller. However, I’ve have figured out how to pass books to the little hands reaching out from under the sun canopy without stopping! But, even with all that I still think for those few brief moments I am actually doing more for myself than my kids. Imagine that?

Even better, if I stick with it and manage to get my butt in some sort of reasonable shape, I won’t seriously sprain anything when I run the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in San Francisco this October.

A whole two days off! Who wouldn’t train like crazy for that?

Would love to hear how you take timeout for yourself. Post a link or just leave a comment. I could use all the ideas I can get on this topic!

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  1. Jacque says:

    Ya know – its kinda funny that you popped over today and mentioned time alone…
    I actually called my mom today and asked her to drive the 30 minutes to my house so that she could sit with my boys and I could go to the library to read. Do you know how different it is to read when there is no noise in the background? Wow! It was so nice. :) My books are due back in 2 weeks – so I’m thinkin’ I may have to hit her up again then and try to make it a ritual! We’ll see.
    Thanks for stoppin’ by my blog. I’m following you now by RSS. Look forward to reading more. :)

  2. Tami says:

    My time out this month? Well, since we moved in 3 weeks ago, the new “living room” is still our box city/staging area. We have a nice 6+ foot tall row of boxes sectioning off the room so the kids won’t walk in there and find something “fun” to do. Now that we’ve taken out about half the boxes, there is a nice big open space right by the window. I set up a folding table there with my printer, shredder, and bills to be paid. My mom was over helping me “unpack” today and I needed a break, so she took over kid duty for lunch time and I snuck behind my pile of boxes and hopped on the laptop for a good hour. Yeah, i was working, paying bills, recruiting for a client, prepping monthly invoices… etc… but I got QUIET time while I secretly listened to my little bunnies walk around the house trying to find me. I stiffled the giggles though, because once they find me there, I’ll never see 10 seconds of peace again!

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