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The sweet life of yoga pant moms

3 Comments 17 September 2013

The sweet life of yoga pant moms

So, I have a friend on facebook. Which essentially makes her an acquaintance from way back when I had no stretch marks, kids, or grey hairs.

And on more than one occasion she has bemoaned the relaxed yoga pant moms she sees as she’s leisurely dropping their kids off at school. While she has to find time to dress for work and rush off to the office.

Now I have to admit. I drop my kids off in yoga pants, running pants, or just about any pants I can find before running down stairs and trying to pack lunches for all of my school bound children.

However, this is in no way a leisurely process. Especially when it gets to matching four pairs of shoes and socks!

Not to mention, none of those pants have seen the inside of a yoga studio. None.

So, I’m not sure wether I should be correcting her or just resigned to the fact that I am not THE yoga pant mom she is speaking of.

However, more recently she is celebrating the fact that she is planning to join the ranks of these (us?) moms. And going to wear her own yoga pants to leisurely drop her kids off at school and then work a thirty hour week from home, In said pants.

Yet, I’m still left wondering how she is actually going to find the bliss she thinks we all have.

Especially since I put my running pants on four and a half hours ago. Only to realize at early drop-off (8am) for the first kid I had forgotten “Sports Jersey Day”.

Ran home a did a load of laundry. To wash all the soccer jersey’s they spent the entire weekend consuming strangely colored junk food in.

Packed and readied the twins for late drop off.

Waited outside of the dance classroom for twenty minutes with two year old. So, that I could slip on appropriate soccer jersey as seven year old transitioned to recess. Literally as he kept walking.

Went home and cleaned up from breakfast before half the ants in North America invade my kitchen.

Give passing thought to actually running now that it is close to 100 degrees outside.

Get phone call that one of the five year olds wet the pants and needs a change of clothes.

Head back to school. Change said child. Escort child back to class. Wave to them as they go to have their lunch.

Wrestle with two year old that suddenly realizes she is the only one that goes home for a nap while everyone else is having lunch with their friends.

It is now noon. And I think I am going to take a shower and eat something before picking everyone up in an hour.

How’s that for relaxed?

She’s not talking about me, right?

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  1. Arnebya says:

    Nah. Not talking about you. She is in her own head about something she has assigned power. Yoga pant wearing all day ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. My going to work isn’t either. I just wish we could get to the point where nobody gave a damn about what another family/person does as long as everyone is healthy and semi-clean. What we see when we look at others is usually 10 degrees lower than the way it actually is. Nobody’s walking around with signs saying my life is perfect because of my pants.

  2. Gayletrini says:

    what a hectic morning geez i am exhausted just thinking about it. Had one of those days recently it literally led me to drink. LOL

  3. Gayletrini says:

    Oh I would admit albeit I am not a yoga pants wearing person ( I am more of a jeans and t-shirt every day gyal) having done both stay at home and work out side. I would take the hectic-ness of stay at home or in our case drive about Mom anyday.

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