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laugh, learn

Aiming low, a very word-full wednesday

7 Comments 24 July 2013

I’ve tried, I really have. Continue Reading

learn, live

Roadmap to motherhood

5 Comments 05 June 2013

Wouldn’t that be great?

Keep the free formula samples and give me a roadmap to guide me through this thing you call motherhood.

There are plenty of self proclaimed experts out there ready to give their two cents worth of advice. But, what I’m looking for here is solid evidence as to wether we should be going left or right.

And throw up a few caution signs while you’re at it.

Starting with buckle up for safety. Because really the first year is ROUGH.

Preschool waiting lists could be labeled with the words show up early traffic ahead.

Here comes kindergarten! Pull over and install your snow chains.

Or maybe we should just mark the entire parenthood territory with something like this.

Although, seven miles should be replaced with eighteen or so years!

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