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No, but really… the irony of soapboxes.

laugh, live

No, but really… the irony of soapboxes.

13 Comments 26 August 2010

We had been at the park when I came across some of the comments on my leash post. Particularly the ones about holding hands (all coincidentally based on girls hmmm…). So, I didn’t feel too much like a hypocrite when I unloaded all three with no leashes. They were, at home, in the diaper bag, I don’t remember which. Continue Reading


How do you do it? Shopping.

9 Comments 03 August 2010

Wether it is a pregnant mom at a twins club meeting, or an innocent bystander at the grocery store, as I storm by with three little kids in tow. The single most common question is,”How do you do it?”

And the stock (especially if I’ve got things to do and must keep moving without making eye contact with anyone but my own children for fear I may lose one) answer, “I just do.” Continue Reading

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