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Mom Shoes kinda day

7 Comments 16 January 2013

If you’ve been here before you may already know I have two things in this blog. Four kids, and a sassy attitude.

And today is a day not unlike like any other. Continue Reading

Summer is imminent Are you ready?


Summer is imminent Are you ready?

4 Comments 08 June 2012

It’s June. And wether your kids ARE out for the summer or are ABOUT to be,
summer is imminent.

Are you ready? Continue Reading

What is social promotion?


What is social promotion?

2 Comments 04 June 2012

In schools around the world classes are coming to a close for the summer.

Have you ever wondered wether or not your child is ready for the next grade? Continue Reading

Is this mom hot or cold?


Is this mom hot or cold?

9 Comments 07 February 2011

The answer is both.

See this Alaska mom, a mother of four biological children plus a set of twins adopted from Russia, submitted her own tapes (filmed by her daughter) of discipline practices to Dr. Phil’s show. And among her tactics with the “feisty” seven year old Russian boy in question are hot sauce in the mouth and cold showers while she yells at him. Continue Reading

Can an abortion be a kindness?

learn, live

Can an abortion be a kindness?

11 Comments 05 October 2010

A British pundit and advice columnist by the name of Virginia Ironsides made some waves yesterday. When in the context of a television segment titled Can An Abortion be a Kindness? said, Continue Reading

Is TV really going to kill my kids?

learn, live

Is TV really going to kill my kids?

9 Comments 23 September 2010

I have a big ugly confession to make. Ready?

My kids watch TV. A lot of TV. More than the suggested dose by the American Assoc. of Pediatricians, any of the leading experts, and ALL of the parenting books. The horror! [I can hear the gasps rippling through the mothering community world wide, well ok maybe just a few random mom bloggers like me] Continue Reading

The kind of mom I want to be

laugh, live

The kind of mom I want to be

10 Comments 11 September 2010

I want to be the kind of mom that always smiles and laughs with the other moms, and maintain the kind of poise Mother Theresa herself would be proud of.
But, I’m not. If you yell at my kid or bring your sass anywhere near him I’m gonna give you the kind of look that could silence a class full of street-wise teenagers on the first day of school. Continue Reading

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