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Camp mom

5 Comments 19 June 2013

So It’s official. Camp mom has been in full swing for almost an entire week. And you know what I have to show for it? Continue Reading

learn, live

Roadmap to motherhood

5 Comments 05 June 2013

Wouldn’t that be great?

Keep the free formula samples and give me a roadmap to guide me through this thing you call motherhood.

There are plenty of self proclaimed experts out there ready to give their two cents worth of advice. But, what I’m looking for here is solid evidence as to wether we should be going left or right.

And throw up a few caution signs while you’re at it.

Starting with buckle up for safety. Because really the first year is ROUGH.

Preschool waiting lists could be labeled with the words show up early traffic ahead.

Here comes kindergarten! Pull over and install your snow chains.

Or maybe we should just mark the entire parenthood territory with something like this.

Although, seven miles should be replaced with eighteen or so years!

Ten things to know before you decide to breastfeed twins

learn, live

Ten things to know before you decide to breastfeed twins

4 Comments 15 February 2013

I know I don’t usually write informative posts on the topic of twins or any other parenting issues. But this one I think is just enough not with conventional thinking for it to fit in here with the rest of my sassy pants opinions. Continue Reading

A letter to my uterus

laugh, live

A letter to my uterus

5 Comments 03 June 2011

Dear Uterus,

Let me start by saying I really do appreciate your hard work and dedication. Together we have delivered three kids. All full term. Including one set of twins. Which is no small feat. Continue Reading

Mom of the year. (not likely)

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Mom of the year. (not likely)

9 Comments 05 April 2011

Here is a post all about why I am NOT likely to win Mom of the Year. Sure, my kids are having fun and no one got hurt. But see if you can figure out just how bad I’m really being.

But hey at least they can’t read yet…

Minus one

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Minus one

7 Comments 28 March 2011

Quite simply, my first year with twins was no joke.

My son was just twenty-six months old when we brought them home from the hospital.

And I spent most of the time feeling less fortunate than a wishbone on Thanksgiving. I didn’t even have enough for everyone to grab on to just to get a fighting chance. Continue Reading

Look Ma no scars!

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Look Ma no scars!

9 Comments 22 March 2011

With the impending birth of #4 I have begun to stalk babycenter.com again.
And it was there I noticed a title off to the side of the screen. A video on having twins.
Yes, I know I’ve already completed that mission. And no, I am not here to reveal another baby was discovered in my latest ultra-sound.
Our head count still stands at one this time around. Continue Reading

Is TV really going to kill my kids?

learn, live

Is TV really going to kill my kids?

9 Comments 23 September 2010

I have a big ugly confession to make. Ready?

My kids watch TV. A lot of TV. More than the suggested dose by the American Assoc. of Pediatricians, any of the leading experts, and ALL of the parenting books. The horror! [I can hear the gasps rippling through the mothering community world wide, well ok maybe just a few random mom bloggers like me] Continue Reading

Kate plus Eight… wardrobe changes


Kate plus Eight… wardrobe changes

23 Comments 17 September 2010

If you haven’t already seen it, a string bikini clad Kate Gosselin is strewn across gracing the cover of People Magazine this month. Complete with perky boobs, flat abs and a perfect tan. Oh and not a stretch mark or speck of cellulite in sight. And when questioned about rumors as to how she got to this condition after bearing six babies at once? Well… Continue Reading


How do you do it? Shopping.

9 Comments 03 August 2010

Wether it is a pregnant mom at a twins club meeting, or an innocent bystander at the grocery store, as I storm by with three little kids in tow. The single most common question is,”How do you do it?”

And the stock (especially if I’ve got things to do and must keep moving without making eye contact with anyone but my own children for fear I may lose one) answer, “I just do.” Continue Reading

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