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Out of control


Out of control

7 Comments 15 March 2012

Some may look at my life

four kids
three of them mobile and
spinning round my knees
like a tornado Continue Reading

learn, live

From Diapers to Rocket Science

1 Comment 24 May 2011

There I stood in a room full of grey black and beige business suits, as plates of sushi and glasses of champagne I could not have swirled around me in my bright red maternity dress. Continue Reading

Where is the logic is here?

learn, live

Where is the logic is here?

9 Comments 28 January 2011

In 1896 the Supreme Court said “separate” was legal as long as it was “equal.”

Then in 1950 in the infamous case of Brown vs. The Board of Education, the ruling was over turned. Separate but equal could not be legal. Basically because the equal part of the equation was completely a lie. White schools were far superior in every way. And students had to be allowed to enroll where they chose. Continue Reading


as a teacher who never got standardized testing…

1 Comment 16 April 2010

I taught middle school for six years before I had my first child.  And every year there were more and more tests we were required to give, and prepare for.  In the end we lost over five weeks of class time to testing.

This was also the time when the idea of “No Child left behind” began to hit schools hard.  Teachers were required to be “highly qualified.”  I watched as some of the best teachers I knew were made to jump through hoops of material that they never even taught in order to prove that they were qualified to do the job they had successfully been doing for many years.  While teachers who had been screwing up for the past ten plus years were allowed to continue peacefully because they had tenure and an old teaching credential from back in the dark ages. Continue Reading

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