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Hitting pinching and getting kids back

5 Comments 12 June 2013

Let me first say THIS IS NOT A POST ABOUT SPANKING. Continue Reading

Out of control


Out of control

7 Comments 15 March 2012

Some may look at my life

four kids
three of them mobile and
spinning round my knees
like a tornado Continue Reading

Is this mom hot or cold?


Is this mom hot or cold?

9 Comments 07 February 2011

The answer is both.

See this Alaska mom, a mother of four biological children plus a set of twins adopted from Russia, submitted her own tapes (filmed by her daughter) of discipline practices to Dr. Phil’s show. And among her tactics with the “feisty” seven year old Russian boy in question are hot sauce in the mouth and cold showers while she yells at him. Continue Reading

would you hit your gardener?


would you hit your gardener?

12 Comments 30 August 2010

I knew it was going to happen. That silvery native was getting long and lanky. To the untrained professional or someone that did not pay for it at a native plant sale it looked a lot like a weed. So I should have known the gardener would think the same. Continue Reading

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