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Another mom of three small children recently asked me, if I tear myself away from the mountains of housework that need to be done in order to play with my kids?

Yes, I do.  But, probably not nearly enough.

Just the other day we had a whole day without preschool, parent education class, a play date, or any kind of event to go to.  And  the night before I was thinking how much stuff I would be able to get done considering I had “nothing” else to do.

Ha!  That lasted ’til about 9 oclock when I realized I had yet to get out of the kitchen.  Apart from throwing breakfast down in front of the kids and plopping them in their seats, I had spent the entire morning doing dishes, laundry, counters, etc.

And my kids had spent the entire morning yelling for one thing or the other, and picking fights with each other.

But, every time I turned around there just seemed to be one more thing and then another and then another.  And in the brief moments of quiet I would think to myself, they’ll be fine while I get just this one last load in the dishwasher, or laundry, or set of toys put away.  And before I knew it hours had passed without me ever doing anything with any of them.

Finally, I decided they needed a diversion. So, I tried printing out some free printable coloring pages of my son’s new favorite bug, the ladybug, and crashed my husband’s computer!

Not every attempt at playing with my kids at home ends this poorly. But, it is definitely easier to spend time with your kids if there aren’t heaps of laundry all over the place, dust bunnies staring out at you from every corner, and dishes piled up in the sink.

So, I recommend getting out of the house any way you can.  The park, the backyard, the mall, whatever it takes.

Yes, the housework will still be there when you get back.  But, maybe the kids will be tired enough from all the fun they had, and take a nap. Or at the very least, watch a movie long enough to let you rest too, or even get some of your own stuff done.

I also recommend taking along a friend or meeting one there.  Having other mom friends to comiserate with is invaluable.  But they’re not always that easy to find.  Here are some great places to find a few

NOMOTC (national organization of mothers of twins club)


City Mommy

And if none of this helps any, there is always the saying my mom (also a mother of twins, as well as two singletons) had on a plaque in the corner of her kitchen.

The creative woman may have cobwebs in her corners but never in her mind.

PS A few hours after posting this my husband told me my parents were coming for dinner in an hour. And, although I really needed to clean things up, the twins wanted to play with playdough! So, I took some inspiration form my own post and sat down with them and played. Even though I was making plans for what I needed to do the minute they finished!

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  1. I love your posts and the look of your site. I really enjoyed “Secrets to Happy Mamas.” I wrote something similar on my post titled, “How Guilt Motivated Me.” Must be a common theme…housework vs playing with kids…ummm

  2. Ze Queen says:

    I should have my mom read this. Hahaha!

  3. Edwin says:

    YOU!!!i am so flattered. hmelbud to be included on your gorgeous blog. i could not agree with you more. INSTANT love for ya, baby!!! the feeling is so mutual. you have my utmost respect for what your daily life requires of you, and all that creativity energy…it never ends. simply amazing.thank you for such kind words!from your #1 southern fan

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