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Ok so I’m not always right…

11 Comments 03 February 2011

Ok so I’m not always right…

In fact in most cases I am completely wrong.

With pregnancies that is. Or at least guessing the sex of the impending child.

I thought my nephew was going to be my niece. I thought my friend was having a girl when she was having a boy. You get the point, my baby radar is usually 100% wrong.

However, when I got pregnant myself, I was sure my baby radar was restored. I was after all carrying this little person inside me feeling its every move, at one with its every thought on a cosmic motherly level, right? What more could I possibly need to determine wether it was a boy or a girl?


I laughed off every ultrasound tech’s offer of telling me, because I already KNEW.

I was having a girl.

I considered only only girl names. I secretly spied all things girl (although not necessarily pink). I even blew off the ultra natural birth instructor’s militant anti-circumcision speech because my baby wasn’t going to be born with that option anyway.

And so, after eight hours of drug free back labor that left me thinking I would have to adopt any subsequent children if I was going to maintain my no only child rule because I sure as well wasn’t going to try that again anytime soon. What did my OB have to say?

“Congratulations. It’s a boy!”

My response?


See I wasn’t disappointed, but I was honestly surprised.

And in serious trouble since I had had spent the last nine months trying to decide what to call a girl and was now holding my son without a name.

I know every baby is born without a name but this really freaked me out. Here I was only having been a mom for a few minutes and I was already screwing it up.

Ok maybe I wasn’t quite that freaked out. But still this kid needed a name and fast. Luckily my husband had been planning for a boy all along and was well prepared.

Which means in a few weeks I will most likely confirm (wink) my suspicions that #4 is going to be a girl with some good old fashioned ultra-sound technology.

Think I could be right this time?

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11 Comments so far

  1. Melissa says:

    And this is why, I can’t NOT find out via ultrasound. :)

  2. I can never guess those things correctly.. :) I want my cousin to be having a boy (she’s due in August) but I think she’s having a girl.. We’ll have to wait till April to find out.

    Hope the ultrasound ‘confirms’ your girl. :)

  3. Diane says:

    I was 100% sure my first was a boy and I was right. I was about 99% sure my second was going to be a girl…I mean I had the name picked out and everything. I already had a boy so why wouldn’t I now be having a girl?
    Then we had the ultrasound…”is THAT what I think it is?!” Yep…a penis…I was WRONG!

  4. L. Eleana says:

    You’re having a BABY! Where have I been? Where’s the post where the news was announced? I suck as a bloggy friend! A big huge congratulations to you, hubby, and the big sister and brothers to be.

  5. andrea says:

    Thanks! You didn’t miss anything. This is the first time I’ve mentioned anything here. I’m not big on big personal announcements, so it is thinly veiled via this post. Don’t worry there won’t be any bare belly shots! :)

  6. Wait, did I miss something? You’re expecting? I feel like an awful reader. Congratulations!

  7. Oh wait, I just read the above comments. I should of done that first! How exciting!! How excited are your kiddos?

  8. Jackie says:

    That was pretty sly!!

    Congrats to you and your family!!

  9. Gayle Trini says:

    Giggle I love the comments to this post! I felt the same way ready to read all the back posts… though now I know why you were missing in action for a bit :D

    My son tripped me up as well I swore he was going to be my girl…. the ultrasound cleared up that delusion. I was right about my daughter though and well the twins I was too shocked to have a preference LOL. They are girls.

    Ooooo hope this ultrasound proves you right.

    Congrats Congrats again woohoo

  10. Andrea says:

    Congrats. Praying for another girl. But you guys have such great kids either will be amazing. I hope this is the easiest pregnancy of all of them!

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