Octomom spayed by PETA

9 Comments 21 September 2010

Octomom spayed by PETA

Octo-mom and PETA join forces. When I saw this headline I could barely believe my eyes. How could Nadya Suleman have ANYTHING in common with PETA? An extreme pro-animal rights group that sinks whaling ships… Ok so the byline explains that she was paid five thousand dollars and is losing her house to foreclosure.

But really? What was PETA thinking?

And then the irony hit me. She has more children than most dogs bare in one litter. My next blog post! PETA has joined forces with octo-mom and I am the first one to discover the irony of it all! I could hardly get to my writing fast enough. But first I had to tell my husband and of course read the rest of the article.

So I click on the link…

Only to discover that I am not the first one to realize the irony. In fact PETA based their entire campaign on it. As well as her stupidity and/or desperation depending on how you look at it. Because there I found good ole Octmom smiling next to a banner that reads, “Don’t let your cat or dog become an octomom.”

Ok now I know I can be pretty incorrect politically speaking. But this beats me any day.

Well wait a second let me give it a try. Because I actually DO have a problem with this.

The irony I see in this situation is that if Nadya Suleman lived in my neighborhood and her children were pets PETA would actually be beating down her door with carry kennels in hand to round them up. You see fourteen animals is well over the legal limit here in my city.

And all kinds of officials would be investigating her ability to care for them and house them given her location. She may even be labeled a HOARDER and charged in a court of law as a criminal if their living conditions were sub-standard.

There would be a press conference regarding their status by members of the shelter they were taken to. And waiting lists would accumulate quickly as people clamor to adopt the rescues and give them a new lease on life.

Now, admittedly I don’t know the exact laws in her neighborhood nor do I plan to research them.

But I find it strange that because they are children that grew in her womb and not pets that she adopted there is no mention of the fact that she may not be suitable for the monumental task of raising fourteen children. Fourteen children that she bore as the result of donated sperm and IVF. Fourteen children that have no parental support outside of her delusional self.

Not to mention the fact that her mental status certifiable is more than questionable. Her own father asked Oprah if she could help him get her committed evaluated by a psychiatrist. And she has undergone heaps of plastic surgery to try and become emulate Angelina Jolie so that she can steal Brad Pitt.
But then again, I guess we do have to give her credit for not taking the porn deal from vivid entertainment for half a million dollars. Yet.

Personally, I think in any kind of sane world a best case scenario she would have put most if not all of them up for adoption from the beginning. But I don’t think she is capable of that kind of rational self-less thinking.

She is now facing foreclosure on her home and considering welfare. How far does this really have to go before someone steps in?

Or could it really be that we have better laws to protect pets than children?

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  1. jessica says:

    Well said, and I couldn’t agree more.

  2. L. Eleana says:

    Nadya = Loss for words, so I want even go there. I personally think PETA goes to far on many issues, and paying her for this advertisement adds to my lists of dislikes! I was wondering if anyone ever noticed, or were they simply scared of pissing off animal rights activist– but we clearly are stepping over into valuing animal rights more than children’s rights, which scares the hell out of me. And for the record, I do have a pet, but she will never be more important than ANY human being.

  3. AHAHAHA! This post? AMAZING! Sadly I think it’s true we do have better laws to protect animals then children. I, personally, don’t feel sorry for her or her financial problems, but I do feel bad for her children. hey didn’t ask for a crazy woman as a mother.

  4. Thank you! I can not stand that woman or how irresponsible she is! I think she does have a hoarding problem, but instead of stuff, it’s children. I’m surprised that the authorities haven’t stepped in to evaluate how those children are being cared for.

  5. atomiclulu says:

    I can’t help but sit here and giggle. The irony is really what makes it hilarious. Networks have said biggest reason she was turned down for reality TV is because unlike other parents, she opted for multiple birth to have her 15 minutes.

    I cant imagine an animal going out and intentionally over populating for Bravo Television :)

  6. Octomom and Kate Gosslin both make me want to vomit on them, then slap them. Both are hideously irresponsible for having implanted SO many embryos (or taken such vast quantities of fertility meds… however on earth Kate got hers). And what does our media do? Splash them all over magazines and TV in order to make millions.

    At what point is enough enough? You implant 3 in the hopes of getting 1 to take? Take wads of fertility meds (without proper medical observation) in hopes that twins will result? HELLO PEOPLE!!! If you put 8 babies in your womb, GUESS WHAT? You can actually get EIGHT BABIES from the deal, or more if some of them split into identicals. But if you don’t want more than 2 to begin with… stick with 2. And, go read just in case you end up with more than you wanted.

    I’ll go get off my soap box now.

  7. Gayle says:

    shakes her head!

  8. Yes, our pets are sometimes treated better than our children,unfortunately. I still can’t believe she signed on to be on that PETA add. Kind of brilliant of PETA — even though I hate their tactics.

  9. Rob says:

    I value my pet because she is the only child i want

    Just the same when society generally accepts people as having more rights than animals it is odd that we have more laws to protect animals…

    PETA though may have a additional point in recommending spaying – after all it was Animal Welfare that stood up to child abuse first

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