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Now this makes me feel old

6 Comments 04 September 2013

Now this makes me feel old

We finally added a new member to our family.

And while many may think what is this crazy lady with four small children thinking. Doesn’t she have enough to do?

You know what gets me most about his presence? I mean apart from the potty training and chewing.

Provided all goes well, he’ll be here when they’re in high school. And possibly when they all go to college.

Suddenly, that possibility of them all grown up doesn’t seem so far away.

Sure I’m still just trying to keep all together in this moment. Keep the papers signed. The homework done. And everyone picked up, dropped off, and ready to go as close to on time as we can be.

But, at the same time I have this little guy. Who won’t be so little for long connecting me to the reality of them moving up and on and living lives of their own.

A bit crazy I know. But I never claimed to be sane. And motherhood has done little to nothing to assist me there anyway.

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  1. Gayletrini says:

    I totally understand where you are at right now…
    They are too cute.
    I love watching my four with their naughty dog as well

  2. Gayletrini says:

    oh mine(dog) is naughty not saying yours will be.

  3. noelle d says:

    my son wants a dog… i say NO until he learns to clean up better…

  4. noelle d says:

    but secretly??? i want one now so bad :)

  5. Vero says:

    We got a pup last year and I cried prior to even meeting him because I was so scared of the extra work… especially training! But even though it has been hard because of hubby’s hospitalizations. He always brings a smile to my kids & he plays with them so well!! Lots of work but well worth it!

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