More kids, less stress?

0 Comments 10 September 2015

photo-8I recently came across an article wherein the author regaled the attributes of having four kids. And how this formula actually results in less stress.

Her secret?

That of Princess Anna and Elsa, “Let it Go!”

And as much as I agree that prioritizing and not trying to have it all does help, I can’t help but want to warn her that it might not always be this easy.

See, from the looks of it her brood is fairly young at this point. And not too far into the school age zone yet. If at all.

Where a petting zoo and a kiddie pool could probably keep everyone content for a few weeks.

So, I’m thinking there is a chance she may be changing her tune in about the next three years. When the notebooks start coming home with varying degrees of homework and the littlest one no longer naps but also doesn’t want to eat the dinner the older two and her husband will.

In my ten years of life as a mom there has been one constant that stirs the pot I mean can be relied upon. Change.

Just when you get your first one’s nap and feeding schedule figured out? A growth spurt.

Just when you’re getting the hang of the soccer schedule? The one that requires four practices a week and three games a weekend. Football season.

Just when third grade seems to be working out? Summer break.

See what I mean? So, before you decide to create a brood of your own on the advice of Anna and Elsa.

Do a little math. Four sets of homework, hobbies, shoes, lunches, and so much more.

Heck I can’t even find an image with four kids smiling to fancy up this post…

And we’ll check in on her in a few years.

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