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Medieval Times for the first time

2 Comments 03 September 2013

Medieval Times for the first time

When you think of Southern California kid friendly attractions, what first comes to mind?

Disneyland, Legoland, Magic Mountain?

Well, how about Medieval Times?

I know me neither.

But, I was recently invited to attend one of their shows with my family. And let me tell you it was not at all what I expected.

First of all, my kids could barely contain themselves. Every costume, stunt, and battle had them not only at the edge of their seats but right out of them.

Which in some circumstances can be a problem. But not here. The seats and tables are set up in a bar formation. Which makes it very easy to contain multiple kids simply by putting an adult at either end. Kinda like being in a movie theater without the need to be quiet.

Dinner comes right to them. A utensil free feast of soup, bread, chicken, ribs, and pastry. Now I’ll admit I was a bit surprised they didn’t have a few kid friendly choices. But there is a full bar, for the grown ups of course. So you win some you lose some.

Then there is the action, which is literally right in front of you. I mean so much so some of the stunts require a net. Not for the riders but to keep the dirt from ending up in your drinks.

Now, we left the two year old at home. And I’m glad we did. Two hours is a bit too much sitting in one place for her. But, the five to seven year old age group definitely had plenty to entertain them.

Although I will admit the show culminates in some very life like hand to hand combat. With real swords axes and other barbaric weapons I do not know the names of. So even teenagers could really get a kick out of this spectacle. Yet, I had to remind the younger ones it was all pretend. A few times.

Last but not least. As a horse woman myself. I am happy to report that all the horses are healthy happy and in very good condition. Knowing what it takes to maintain a horse I kinda wondered if this may not be the case but was happily surprised.

Now for the best part. You can win tickets to try it out for yourself.

Register today for your chance to win 4 FREE tickets to any Medieval Times show! Medieval Times is Celebrating 30 Years by giving 4 tickets every day for a year! LIKE AND SHARE this spectacular year of celebration! Click on the following link to enter: http://on.fb.me/19Zdkw5.

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  1. AJ says:

    It looks like so much fun! I can’t wait for the Girls KNIGHT out. ;)

  2. Vero says:

    I love your review. I went many years ago, before kids & I wouldn’t have considered it because of the “violence” but I should reconsider,

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