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Hollywood meets the mama

9 Comments 09 July 2013

Hollywood meets the mama

So, as I mentioned last week I have been asked to participate in Shemar Moore’s new project. An independent film based on the love life of a guy that thinks he has it all figured out. Which he is working to fund through Indiegogo.

And as part of the process a group of lucky bloggers, myself included, were invited to interview him and the director in person. Yes, in person.

In case you’re new here. I’m about as close to a California native as you get. Been in and or around Los Angeles since I was six months old. So, I’ve seen my fair share of stars. But, the idea of being face to face on a first name basis with one of these stars? In a situation which requires me to be able to string together enough words to form a coherent sentence?

Well, this takes it to a whole other new and terrifying interesting level.

And boy was it. In more ways than I ever could have imagined.

But, first I had to come up with a question. Yet, all I could think of was one thing. The way his character, a typical abs too good to be true alpha male Derek Morgan flirts with the fabulously quirky intelligent and adorably non-traditonal beauty, Penelope Garcia. Breaking the dreaded Barbie Doll mold. And proving to the world that thin thighs are not the answer to all of our broken heart woes.

So, I spent the better part of my drive there trying to decide wether I was going to be able to contain my sassy-pants self well enough to ever be invited to another opportunity such as this. And keep myself on the more pleasant and agreeable side of Hollywood. Not question the old adage that Sex Sells.

And what happened?

Well, God blessed me with the gift of time. Yes, time.

For some, yet to be explained, reason my fellow bloggers and I were left waiting blessed with an hour and a half in an air conditioned room with nothing more than ice water time to cool down and think about exactly what we wanted to ask.

Maybe he was trying to be fashionably late. Maybe they were trying to refrigerate us just enough that we would not turn into puddles the moment he walked in.

At any rate, there it was. Even after all that time. The one question I couldn’t get out of my head. Staring at me on a pad of hotel stationary. For an hour and a half.

A very cold hour and a half that ended in his presence. And the question. Just staring at me.

So did I ask it? Did I look him in the eye and ask him if he feels he has a responsibility to my daughters and their self-image to break out of the stereotypical barbie doll mold and present a story in which real people fall in love? Not just people with amazing abs and thin thighs?


Yes I did.

And his answer?

Well, with all due respect, it was a very sweet and understanding tap dance addressing the fact that his character’s relationship with Gracia on Criminal Minds is one of inspiration and dynamic risk taking. But, there was mention of the fact that sex sells. And his leading lady in the upcoming film “Bounce Back” was chosen for reasons that do not exclude, in his own words,”Have you seen her?”

And did I interrupt his tap dance to plant the seed that breaking out of such molds sets an exceptionally good example for my daughters? And he should keep that in mind when it comes to casting his film? In a voice loud enough that his manager, sitting two rows back, could over-hear?

Why yes I did.

Now did I change the good old boys club that is Hollywood? And crush the Barbie doll expectations that are held for women?


I’m just hoping that I planted a seed. Because the baby girls I care the most about are my own.

Even if it means I’ve been blacklisted from ever writing about another hollywood star ever again.

But, if I’m lucky I’ll be back to tell you how it all turned out. And if that little seed grew into something resembling an idea, or even a theme!

Think he’ll do it?

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9 Comments so far

  1. Alli says:

    Oh my goodness, how fun!!!

  2. You go girl. Way to stick to your guns!

  3. Jamie says:

    Sometimes we have to ask the tough questions. Glad you asked it, and found a way to ask it.

    And it was awesome seeing you again =)

  4. andrea says:

    Having you there for moral support and entertainment sure helped! :)

  5. andrea says:

    Thanks! I just couldn’t talk myself out of it. Sometime you just have to take chances.

  6. andrea says:

    Yes. it was. hoping I’ll get to do it again… :)

  7. Kudos to you for going there, Andrea, and asking those hard questions. I do hope that a seed was planted!

  8. Andrea L says:

    I wouldn’t expect anything less from you! Good job!

  9. noelle d says:

    way to go!!!!!!!!!!

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