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Free Birds

1 Comment 25 November 2013

Free Birds

So, it’s Thanksgiving weekend and football season. Which quite literally means for many hours of straight sitting on the couch and cheering on your favorite team.

But for the kids? And possibly even mom?

Not so much.

So, why not hit the movies?

Well, depending on the age of your kids this can be a tricky endeavor.

Who wants to pay ten dollars a head just for tickets an arm and a leg for snacks and then have kids screaming half way through that they’re over it?

No one. So, here’s the real deal on Free Birds.

I would anyone under the age of five at home. My two year old was a lot happier having a dinner date with the grandparents and eating them out of house and home than she would have been in this movie.

There are lots of bad guys (with guns) and a pretty sentimental moment when one of the turkeys loses a family member.

My five year olds were squirming in their seats halfway through saying they wanted to go home because the starving to death pilgrims wanted to brutally kill the cute little colony of talking turkeys.

And my seven year old teared up over the dead bird.

But, with a little reassurance that the good guys always win, we made it through. And we weren’t even the loudest or the messiest family there.

That title was not so proudly given to the dad to our left that brought in an entire bag of peanuts and proceeded to leave the shells three inches deep for the poor teenaged sweepers. Classy.

But don’t leave before the credits are over. Because pretty much the best joke of the entire film takes place after that.

Is it really worth the 100 plus dollars it may take to cover the costs? Maybe.

That depends on how bored you are at home. And wether or not you can wait for it to come out on DVD.

Good Luck! And Happy Thanksgiving.

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  1. My kids want to see this movie so bad!

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