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Aiming low, a very word-full wednesday

7 Comments 24 July 2013

I’ve tried, I really have.

Every time a birthday party rolls around I have this delusion idea in my head that it’s going to be epic.

Go viral on Pinterest, and have Martha Stewart calling me the next day to ask me how I did it.

I’ve paid for sets of party printables and and spent late nights meticulously cutting them out.

I’ve poured over pinterest boards for the perfect boy girl party themes for the twins.

And scoured the interwebs for the perfect jumpers waterslides and activities to match each theme.

But you know what happens? Why you don’t see my parties plastered all over social media?

Real life.

The printables stayed in the folder I so carefully placed them in because I was busy setting up a tie-dye station.

Jumper orders got cancelled without notice because I didn’t click reserve fifteen minutes after putting it in my online cart.

My camera lost beneath a pile of pretzel rolls by the coffee maker, instead of taking pictures of the party.

And the dishes, laundry, and kids. Let’s not forget about them.
See, they don’t take kindly to being put on the back burner for three days in the interest of a three hour party with their friends.

But I haven’t completely given up.

I decorate my own cakes. I make no less five trips to the party store for supplies. And I stress for at least three days before each one.

So that’s got to count for something right?

I think so.

And no matter what kind of disaster strikes my vision, the kids have yet to not have fun at any one of the thirteen birthday parties I have planned so far.

Let alone even notice any of the problems that led me to drinking kept me up at night.

Yes thirteen.

And while I should be aiming low by now, I keep thinking somewhere around the corner is perfection if not awe inspiring.

So, if you’ll excuse me I need to go plan another. Maybe number fourteen is the charm?

And if you’ve got a minute would you mind taking a second to vote for the mama? I’m hanging tough in 26th place!

I’m better at aiming low with contests than I am with parties.

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7 Comments so far

  1. Alli says:

    Wow, I think the cake looked awesome! Great job!!!

  2. Tee says:

    Ha! I always have a grand plan for parties but it never pans out. It’s the thought that counts, right?

  3. Jasmine Forte says:

    Hilarious!!!! I so enjoyed this post! I always go overboard planning a big themed birthday and only end up doing 25% of what I set out to do!

    You’re awesome for making the effort and all the kids really want is friends, family & cake!

  4. Those cakes are amazing! And I voted for you!

  5. Your cake came out looking great. Love the volume and detail of those trees. You should be very proud of what you have accomplished for birthdays every year, but I definitely know what you mean about suddenly realizing you have started holding yourself to Martha Stewart standards and that everything you touch as far as food, cake, and party favors go should spontaneously turn to gold because that is what you set out to do. Dang it.

  6. Katie Darling says:

    The last time I tried to make my own cake and decorate it myself was in high school public speaking class. I gave an instructional speech about how to bake and decorate your own cake. All was well until I attempted to light the candles at the end.. and lit myself on fire. I had acrylic nails on for the first time (for prom!), and didn’t even notice I was lit for about a minute. That pretty much ended my cake making days.

  7. Gayletrini says:

    giggle this is exactly what happens to me except my cakes NEVER look as gorgeous as yours do.
    hope #14 worked out better.
    The way I see all that matters is if they think it is the best party ever LOL

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