#noshameaprenting no way

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#noshameaprenting no way

0 Comments 23 December 2015

A new hashtag has recently come to my attention. Have you seen this one? #noshameparenting

It has me thinking, are we even capable of that? Continue Reading

Credible Threat

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Credible Threat

0 Comments 15 December 2015

Just ten minutes after leaving the house this morning my husband called.

“Turn on any news channel. There’s a bomb threat. LAUSD is closed today.”

Six hundred thousand students in a neighboring district were ALL being sent home. Continue Reading


More kids, less stress?

0 Comments 10 September 2015

photo-8I recently came across an article wherein the author regaled the attributes of having four kids. And how this formula actually results in less stress.

Her secret?

That of Princess Anna and Elsa, “Let it Go!” Continue Reading

The Summer countdown


The Summer countdown

0 Comments 01 June 2015

Has it started in your house?

It has definitely started in mine. With just a few more school days to go and the temperatures rising, my kids are counting down in more ways than one.
Continue Reading

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Have you hugged your PTA?

0 Comments 21 May 2015

Yes, you heard me right.

Wether you call them the PTA, PFA, PTSA, OR THE PURPLE MONKEYS.

More likely than not your kid’s school has an army. An army of un-paid and quite possibly under appreciated volunteers that keep a large part of that school in motion. Continue Reading

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Teacher mom part two

1 Comment 24 April 2015

Can you smell it?

Some may say it’s shame. Others a peace offering.

But, I prefer to call it an affirmation of constructive criticism. More simply put, chocolate chip cookies.

See, as a teacher and a mom it is inevitable that I am going to from time to time disagree with one or more of my children’s teachers.

And when asked to sign a set of tests while trying to rush four kids out the door, in time for the third grader to sing three songs in front of the entire school, on a day when the two kindergartners may possibly be nursing colds… Well, this one mama may or may not have been so inclined as to give that test a piece of her mind.

In orange colored pencil. No, not on a polite little sticky note, but right on the test paper.

Using, but not limited to, such words as clearly, and obviously while pointing out that directions where misunderstood.

Yes, I’m making a double batch this time.

And, yes I’ll send the dimpled three year old in with still warm baked goods in hand so she thinks knows it was all intended to be constructive, of course.

Anyone else ready for summer break? I know I am.

Frozen The Songs! Disney Music


Frozen The Songs! Disney Music

3 Comments 30 September 2014

Do you wanna build a snowman?

Now, if you’re in the land of ten foot snow drifts and are dreading the possibility of winter’s first snowflake the answer might be no.

But, if you have a girl in your house between the ages of two and ten, or maybe even a hundred, the answer might be different. Continue Reading


Diversity or damaging? Ryland Whittington’s story

1 Comment 16 June 2014

Recently, a set of parents in San Diego accepted an Inspiration Award at the 6th Annual Harvey Milk Diversity Breakfast. For a video of their little girl Ryland transitioning at the ripe old age of five into a boy.

The video subsequently went viral and was applauded by many as a break-through in being accepting and understanding parents of a transgender child.

But honestly, I think they crossed a thin line between reaching out to support other parents and abusing their own child’s trust. In fact I think they pretty much trampled all over it. Continue Reading

Rebirth of a Blog


Rebirth of a Blog

1 Comment 10 June 2014

So… I guess this means I’m back.

I’ve been gone from here for a while.

A long while.

And while I’ve thought about getting back to it more times than I can count. Continue Reading

Free Birds

laugh, live

Free Birds

1 Comment 25 November 2013

So, it’s Thanksgiving weekend and football season. Which quite literally means for many hours of straight sitting on the couch and cheering on your favorite team.

But for the kids? And possibly even mom? Continue Reading

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